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How To Add Images And Videos To PowerPoint

add a video in powerpoint

It is no secret that PowerPoint has improved over the years. At first, the slides could only include text and, at most, some images. Overtime came to the transitions, effects, videos and all kinds of content that we can include in a presentation to enrich and share it.

add a video in powerpoint

Among the many improvements in PowerPoint, the possibility of inserting the content of all kinds in the slides of a presentation stands out. We can, for example, link to web pages to view Internet content, include our own or other people’s images, videos and all kinds of files.

Next, we will see how to insert content into a PowerPoint and some tricks so that our presentations look like never before with the best multimedia content.

Insert photos And Images

One of the things we first learn to do in PowerPoint is to insert images . What’s more, we just have to go to the Insert tab and then we will find the Images button to place photographs or own images on the slide.

However, PowerPoint gives more of itself. The most recent versions allow you to insert content that we will find on the Internet. Thus, from Insert> Images online we will have the possibility to add photos and images in our presentation if we do not have our own content. What’s more, we can filter the search by size, type, colour, design and license to fit our slides better.

Another very practical option is Insert> Photo Album, which mainly serves to create a presentation from a collection of photographs, ideal for teaching images of our holidays or special festivities. And so that everything looks good, we can help with templates and themes.

Insert Videos And Audios

Another type of content that allows you to improve the appearance and functionality of a PowerPoint is the videos and audios, as easy to insert as the images, as we have seen before.

First, we can insert a video that we have on our computer. Microsoft recommends using the MP4 format in the latest versions of PowerPoint. To do this, we must go to Insert> Video> Video on My Computer. We will have two options to choose from: insert the video into the PowerPoint or link the video, which we will place next to the presentation file but which will be separated. Keep in mind that if the video is linked, it must always be next to the presentation so it can be played.

embed video to powerpoint

A third option is to insert a YouTube video. We will find this option in Insert> Video> Online video.

As for the audio, from Insert> Audio> Equipment Audio> Insert audio we will have the opportunity to choose the audio file already recorded and insert it into the presentation. Another option is to record the audio at that time from PowerPoint. To do this we will go to Insert> Audio> Record audio> Record.

Insert Files And PDF Document

In addition to multimedia content, PowerPoint supports all kinds of files through the Object option that can be found in the Insert menu.

With this function we can, for example, insert an Excel spreadsheet into a PowerPoint. To do this we will insert> Object and in the window that will open we choose to Create from file> Browse, choose the Excel document already created, activate the Link option and finally click on OK.

PowerPoint allows you to insert simple tables into a presentation, but in this other way, we will have all the advantages of Excel without leaving PowerPoint. Of course, as happened when linking a video, we must have the Excel document next to the presentation.

Another possibility of the Object option is to insert a PDF document into the presentation. The procedure is the same: Insert> Object and then Create from file> Browse. Finally, click on OK and we will see the document integrated into the selected slide.

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