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The Gmail app for iOS already has widgets

Gmail is one of the most used email clients in the world and has its own independent app for the iPhone and iPad. Google has just released an official update incorporating one of the main novelties of iOS 14: widgets. Although it is not announced as one of the new features in the update data, version 6.0.201101 already available in the App Store incorporates this new widget that we can put on the home screen of our device.

Gmail app for iOS

Google has been one of the first to update its applications to the new iOS 14 widgets. Apps like Google Photos or the Google Search app already have their widget available. And the new Gmail widget is very similar.

How is the Gmail widget

To add this widget you just have to download the app and follow the normal process to add a widget, here we tell you everything you need to know in case you have questions. The new Gmail widget is only available, at least for the moment, in the intermediate size.

You can distinguish 3 clear areas in the widget, which work as direct access to the app, you know that iOS 14 widgets have their own way of working. These are the three areas of the Gmail widget:


  • Search the mail: In the upper area, we have a search field to quickly find an email.
  • Write: By clicking here we will start writing an email quickly.
  • Emails received: When we receive an email, a notification will appear here, and by touching we will enter the unread emails.

It is a widget that can be very useful, especially if we frequently use Google mail on our iPhone. Also, it may be updated with new widget sizes over time.

Little by little the widgets are improving and news arrives, it is incredible what the developers come up with. Surely as the weeks go by, great widgets like this keep coming.

How to Download Videos from Hotstar

Watching Movies on smartphones and tablets is becoming more and more common. You might also have encountered many people watching movies and videos in bus or train. Well, this is what technology is taking us. Most of us are getting very busy in our daily routine that we don’t even have time to watch movies or news on television anymore.

hotstar for pc

The name of the app is Hotstar, and it is introduced on behalf of start channels which you might be familiar with. Later in this article, I will guide you how you can download hotstar and install the app on both Android and iOS devices.

Download Hotstar Videos on PC

Hotstar App is an online media consumption app. There are tons of movies, TV shows, cartoon and sports available. The app works great with any problem and error. So this is a very reliable tool for watching movies and TV shows on your Android and iOS devices. Imagine if you are going somewhere and you don’t have access to your television then you can use Hotstar app and watch movies on the go. You just need an internet connection for streaming the content.

There are three most accessible techniques that you could apply to download videos from Hotstar on your PC, and we will discoursing all of them:

Download Hotstar Videos with the Hotstar Downloader Application

You can download any video of your favourite show or sports match available on Hotstar by using your default browser on the PC. Here is the method to perform the activity.

fix hotstar app

  • Download and install the “Hotstar Downloader” software on your PC and open your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Now go to the app store of the respective browser and add the “Allow CORS – Access Control Allow Origin” extension from it;
  • Once you had added the extension on the browser, click on its icon and turn it on, until the colour of the image turns to orange;
  • Open Hotstar on your browser and go to the video that you wish to download on the PC;
  • Now, right-click on the video and from the drop-down menu, select the “Copy link address” option before heading on to the next step;
  • After that, launch the “Hotstar Downloader” software and paste the link of the video that you had copied earlier.
  • Once you write down the address on the bar, click on the “Fetch” tab;
  • From thereon in, you will be given a choice to download the intended video in any picture quality you want. You can select the “ 1280 x 720” option to download the content in HD(720p);
  • The software will start downloading the video and service. It will only take a few minutes for the whole process, depending on the quality of your internet.
  • It is probably the least technical and most effortless approach to download content from Hotstar in HD for free, including the videos limited to premium users. If, for some odd reason, you are unable to download your favourite video on Hostar with the method mentioned above, then try the next solution.

Features of Hotstar app

  • Great tool for watching movies and TV shows online.
  • The reliable and stable app, you will not face force stop and any other kind of problem with this app.
  • You can watch live matches which are pretty convenient since other apps and websites don’t provide the same live experience.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

TCS Webmail Login Process To Access From Mobile

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employees must have received several facilities from the company but Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) service may be a crucial service for all the workers who work anywhere within the planet. Here during this text, we will mention Tata webmail and other concepts related to the tcs webmail login to access easily. It allows you to manage your salary records, timesheets, HR-related services. It also features a crucial feature like contacting Global Helpdesk number.

tcswebmail login

It gives a toll-free number to employees for the solution of the matter they’re facing.  All the workers of TCS can ask any question that has relevance to his problems or query on the provided helpline numbers. Some technically qualified customer care representatives receive the calls that are transferred to helpdesk of TCS, that are this much capable of solving their problems within a limited time.

TCS Webmail Login – How To Configure

The TCS webmail is extremely particular or specific for persons, who create the webmail forces and thus the masses, to urge most the tiny print of the account to see in easily and operate it with none hassle, a touch just like the Gmail account.

The TCS webmail is to identify themselves or for that matter yourself, with the TCS webmail login page as a Tata practice services worker webmail. With this TCS webmail, any employee or worker of the TCS Company can access reception place or workplace.

TCS Webmail Login Process

  • The TCS webmail homepage for any employer is to ascertain the e-mail messages whereas on location for other clients or consumers and for the business partners too.
  • You can directly head to our site using which you’ll establish yourself to validate within the mail system accumulated alongside your TCS Webmail login which issued or allocated by your team leader or the supervisor.
  • Your login will have two elements which are your username and secure code.
  • This login username and password are provided by the supervisors of their respective teams.
  • This link takes you to the TCS webmail login page, and thus the candidates got to enter the EMP ID and thus the Password given to them.
  • This way the candidates can go browsing to the official website and complete the business works through this TCS Webmail Login.
  • The employee can simply check the mails, client queries, Project communication details from colleagues within the world.

login in mobile

  • Candidates can also log in to the TCS webmail page from their home by employing a secure network. this might help the worker, in accessing their account safely.
  • The TCS webmail is one a neighbourhood of the offered services from Tata consultants and thus the Tata Groups.
  • This business method or the technique is totally optimized for the declaration, presentation, consulting, digital project, eco possessions, engineering and enterprise safety, risk and safety measures, and it also elements the small businesses and deals.
  • If at any point of some time, you forget the password or your username, you’ll directly head towards contacting the business process support which they’re going to reset your login details immediately.

Final Words
Communicating with technical experts who are ready to assist you 24/7 hours. you’ll ping them with an email on your problem and you will get responded within 24 hours. Most of the companies whether it’s big or small have this facility to help their employees and users to contact the company for any problem or query through the emailing system or by calling them on helpline number.

As the ERP could also be a strong portal for the TCS employees who want to a trace on their salary, timesheet, projects, performance etc. you would like to possess this service if you’re an employee within the Tata Consultancy Services company.

How To Add Images And Videos To PowerPoint

It is no secret that PowerPoint has improved over the years. At first, the slides could only include text and, at most, some images. Overtime came to the transitions, effects, videos and all kinds of content that we can include in a presentation to enrich and share it.

add a video in powerpoint

Among the many improvements in PowerPoint, the possibility of inserting the content of all kinds in the slides of a presentation stands out. We can, for example, link to web pages to view Internet content, include our own or other people’s images, videos and all kinds of files.

Next, we will see how to insert content into a PowerPoint and some tricks so that our presentations look like never before with the best multimedia content.

Insert photos And Images

One of the things we first learn to do in PowerPoint is to insert images . What’s more, we just have to go to the Insert tab and then we will find the Images button to place photographs or own images on the slide.

However, PowerPoint gives more of itself. The most recent versions allow you to insert content that we will find on the Internet. Thus, from Insert> Images online we will have the possibility to add photos and images in our presentation if we do not have our own content. What’s more, we can filter the search by size, type, colour, design and license to fit our slides better.

Another very practical option is Insert> Photo Album, which mainly serves to create a presentation from a collection of photographs, ideal for teaching images of our holidays or special festivities. And so that everything looks good, we can help with templates and themes.

Insert Videos And Audios

Another type of content that allows you to improve the appearance and functionality of a PowerPoint is the videos and audios, as easy to insert as the images, as we have seen before.

First, we can insert a video that we have on our computer. Microsoft recommends using the MP4 format in the latest versions of PowerPoint. To do this, we must go to Insert> Video> Video on My Computer. We will have two options to choose from: insert the video into the PowerPoint or link the video, which we will place next to the presentation file but which will be separated. Keep in mind that if the video is linked, it must always be next to the presentation so it can be played.

embed video to powerpoint

A third option is to insert a YouTube video. We will find this option in Insert> Video> Online video.

As for the audio, from Insert> Audio> Equipment Audio> Insert audio we will have the opportunity to choose the audio file already recorded and insert it into the presentation. Another option is to record the audio at that time from PowerPoint. To do this we will go to Insert> Audio> Record audio> Record.

Insert Files And PDF Document

In addition to multimedia content, PowerPoint supports all kinds of files through the Object option that can be found in the Insert menu.

With this function we can, for example, insert an Excel spreadsheet into a PowerPoint. To do this we will insert> Object and in the window that will open we choose to Create from file> Browse, choose the Excel document already created, activate the Link option and finally click on OK.

PowerPoint allows you to insert simple tables into a presentation, but in this other way, we will have all the advantages of Excel without leaving PowerPoint. Of course, as happened when linking a video, we must have the Excel document next to the presentation.

Another possibility of the Object option is to insert a PDF document into the presentation. The procedure is the same: Insert> Object and then Create from file> Browse. Finally, click on OK and we will see the document integrated into the selected slide.

Best Online Surveys To Make Money or Win Free Meal Coupons

A satisfaction survey is an empirical study to determine the degree of satisfaction of the respondent. It is the most economical and efficient method of obtaining information from customers. Satisfaction surveys are used to make decisions based on quantitative information obtained through a questionnaire.

online surveys

How To Do Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

With QuestionPro software, doing satisfaction surveys will be very easy since, in addition to having very useful logic, we have templates for free customer satisfaction surveys that can help you reduce design time, in addition to giving you ideas for new questions that you don’t know. They had happened to you.

When you use a satisfaction survey template you have the assurance of doing the right thing, since the templates were designed by experts and are essential to measuring the level of customer satisfaction.

Before doing a satisfaction survey, make sure you know what your goals are to know exactly what to do with the results you get.

Objectives Of a Satisfaction Survey

A satisfaction survey must be used to make decisions in the short, medium and long term. These are the main objectives of a satisfaction survey:

  • Know exactly what you need to improve.
  • Know what your brand customers think.
  • Know what are the points that your customers like most.
  • Understand the needs of customers.
  • Know what you can do to retain customers.
  • Know if you are doing the right thing with certain strategies.
  • Extend customer expectations.

Best Online Surveys

Tell the Bell

Tell Taco Bell about your visit to one of its restaurants and help them to know what their expectations are regarding their service and their food, also make any suggestions for improvement. Participate in the survey in English or Spanish and you can win a $ 500 grand prize or an iPad.


Complete the TelltheBell survey by visiting and filling in the store number that appears on your purchase receipt. Taco Bell appreciates your sincere opinion and in gratitude for taking the time to give your opinion, will enter the weekly raffle to win an iPad or $ 500.


SurveyGizmo is similar to SurveyMonkey in terms of the invitation to respondents and customization possibilities. But what sets this online survey software apart is that it is more attractive in terms of the look and feel of the survey. It also offers almost 100 different types of questions that can be customized to suit the user. In addition, users can set up their own surveys quickly and easily.



PollDaddy is online survey software that allows users to conduct surveys in two different ways: embedding surveys on your website or inviting respondents via email. Once the data is collected, filters can be created to analyze and use in reports. This is done by exporting raw data to programs such as Excel, PDF, CSV, Google Docs and XML. The results of these surveys can be seen in real-time.

How To Make A Meme Quickly From Your PC Or Smartphone

Who does not like a good meme? Hardly if you are a seasoned navigator of the network do not know what that word means. Memes are a way that people found on the Internet to express themselves, and they have become a cultural phenomenon. Surely more than once you have asked yourself how to make a meme? , you have felt the need to express something for which the emoticons are not enough and you need that viral image that exemplifies your feeling perfectly. More than one has happened to us, it happens a lot to me. But, it also happens to me that I do not remember the name of the meme, and doing a search on Google Images to then have to edit the photo yourself and add text is not the simplest and friendliest process in the world.

memes generator

There are many applications and websites that generate memes, just write “meme generator” in your search box and be embraced by millions of results. The downside is that most of these sites are pretty crappy, have advertising up to where it does not give sunlight and generate images of terrible quality. In the end, if you do not mistakenly click on an advertisement for Russian plastic android prostitutes, you end up with a result that may not be as good as you expected. For the love of memes, here are the ones that in my opinion (if they have something better lance, please) are the best apps to generate memes quickly and easily from anywhere.


Imgur’s MemeGen: Imgur is the god of sites to share viral images on the web. The site was created almost solely as a photo host and GIFs to upload to Reddit, and Reddit is the front page of the Internet, and probably where all of the memes started. So by divine and real right, Imgur wins. Its use is ridiculously simple, you enter the site, choose a meme, add the text and as usual, on this website, Imgur gives you all kinds of links to share your image. You can do a search for a specific meme, or browse the list alphabetically. And if you get bored, you have all the memes created by the gigantic community so you can hang out.


Imgur again. In the App Store is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, optimized for iPhone 5, compatible with iOS 7+, free, and with a more than decent design, the official application of Imgur to create memes from your Cosa: Imgur MemeGen. As on the web, you can browse all the memes from A to Z, do a search, choose the position of the text, and create your meme. You can also upload your own photo, and browse the history of the memes you have recently created.


Unfortunately, Imgur does not have a meme generator for Android, but the best option in this platform and an app without which I can not live on my mobile is Meme Generator. This application has a free version and a paid version, I use the free and the advertising that shows is not annoying if you can not tolerate it you just have to lose a couple of dollars, but I already say that you do not feel. Meme Generator lets you browse all the memes in alphabetical order like all the others, you can also search, and upload your own images. In the editing options it stands out for having several tools to change the size of the text and colours, and of course, since it is in Android you can share your meme to any application from the list of shares.

Best Tips To Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the recent update of version 4 of the same game, but with more interesting and fun features. As new as the game is, many users may find it difficult to fully understand the basics and the steps, that is why we have the Bloons TD 5 strategy.

With a detailed strategy of Bloons Tower Defense 5 Unblocked, it is usually easy to play the game independently if you are new to the field or an expert in the same area. In order for you to win and be successful in this game, you have to employ different BTD battles strategies effectively.


In this article, I will list and explain a total of eight different Bloons TD 5 tips, hoping that each tip will be of great importance to you and your fellow players.


With BTD5, you can use cash to upgrade your towers. You can do this easily in round twelve since you no longer have the Camo brand needed to keep you going. Usually at this stage, if they do not have a 2/2, most monkeys need updates to exploit both. At this stage, a good number of beginners usually forget to have a tower explode Camo’s advance. In the twentieth round, it is generally advisable to send Roads and BF gradually. At this stage, you can save up to 1800 for MOAB if they have weak defenses.

Always Log in

A great strategy of Bloons TD Battles is to stay in line. Regardless if you have an active level to complete or not, always log on daily. The trick behind this is that you usually earn more points when connected even if you are not playing. In return, you can use the money earned to update. The good thing about this game is that you do not need the Internet to claim your rewards. Simply log in and see how the cash prizes accrue.

Get a Great Combo

When building towers, consider which of them goes hand in hand together. For example, combine the Banana Farms and the Dartling Guns. With this trick, the Monkey Village will easily go after the Dartling Guns. Also, this villa works quite well with different combos. Try other combos available in the game.

Make use of Special Bloons

When deploying your towers, be sure to have special bloons with you. These bloons have unique properties that generally make them immune to a good number of towers. Use these bloons when you perform special missions.

The trick for Extra Money

Apart from earning money for bursting bloons, you can also get extra money by buying Banana Farms. These farms usually generate or give rise to bananas that when taken advantage of, give you additional points. You can also get more income by upgrading the Monkey Village to levels of up to 3-0.

Beware of Camos

Camo Bloons usually have a way of penetrating beyond their defenses, especially if they are not well prepared for them. For you to get even with these bloons, you need to increase your abilities. If you do not have enough cash to upgrade, you can make use of Dartling’s weapons or the Ninja Monkey Towers. These are the only towers that can prevent Camo bloons from passing through their defenses.

Go for Super Monkeys

Super monkeys have specialized abilities to protect their towers from any type of bloon. To get this tower, you need a fork of $ 3,500. This is where saving is very useful. When this tower arrives, place it next to a recently updated Monkey Village.

Keep the Bloons Waiting

Sometimes, it is usually difficult to avoid the high influx of bloons that attack their towers. Regardless of how tall your towers are, a good number of bloons will continue to happen. To minimize the speed and the subsequent effect of these attacks, go types of delayed towers. These towers work by slowing the bloons. The perfect towers, in this case, are glue guns, ice towers, and Bloonchippers.