The News In Mobile Telephony That Is To Come

Mobile Telephony

We are approaching the final stretch of 2019. All users want to start a new decade, but many users will ask the same question: what news will mobile phones have in 2020? Mobile phone companies already have their sights set on next year to bring the market their new devices. Next, we tell you that it will be the highlight of mobile phones in 2020.

Mobile Telephony

The Height Of The Folding Screens?

In 2019 we had one of the most amazing novelties on the market: mobile phones with folding screens. These presentations were held at the Mobile World Congress, where Samsung and Huawei presented their folding models that are already on sale. We talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

These screens have OLED technology and would mean the disappearance of the notch, a notch that is located at the top of the screen and that is not aesthetically favorable in our phones.

What do we expect for next year? The Motorola company made it official in November that they will put on sale their first folding screen stand, the Motorola RAZR, being the company’s first folding phone.

Later, Huawei confirmed the launch of the Huawei Mate Xs, an improved version of the current Mate X model and will be in our stores in 2020.

These mobiles can be a great novelty, but there is one drawback: durability. The first units of folding terminals were a failure due to their fragility. Will they get the next models to solve this problem?

Will They Have The Next 5G Technology Models?

The 5G is a reality, although it is at an early stage of development in many countries. Even so, this technology will be one of the great protagonists of 2020.

Many companies are working to bring compatible terminals. An example is found in Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei, which have been the first to take that step forward.

Although many users fear that there is a price increase for implementing this technology in some devices, there is nothing to worry about.

Samsung, for example, has confirmed that it will be available in mid-range models so that it is available to all users. It should be said that Xiaomi also bets to incorporate this technology in an affordable device.

How will they do it? The Qualcomm mobile phone microprocessor company plans to incorporate a 5G modem into existing processors for future devices.

A Professional Pocket Camera

It is a fact that our mobile devices are capable of making great snapshots, sometimes exceeding the functions that a professional camera can perform.

mobile technology

Many terminals already have more than one camera that acts, in some cases, as wide-angle and telephoto. But the novelty will be the existence of more sensors to improve the image quality.

In saying this, many Nokia 9 Pureview will ring. A terminal that is for sale and that has the novelty of incorporating five rear cameras to improve image quality. Will we find a similar case in 2020? Probably.

More Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Currently, artificial intelligence is part of many homes in order to help in our daily lives. An example can be found in Aura, the artificial intelligence of Telefónica, already in thousands of homes around the world.

But artificial intelligence is also on our mobile phones. In 2020 one of the objectives of mobile phone companies is to improve the user experience and make our terminal more essential thanks to fast learning and augmented reality.

Mobile phones in 2020 will bring these novelties and many more to start the new decade on the right foot.

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